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Paint your badger

Workers 'paint line over dead badger'

A council is launching an investigation into claims that road workers had painted a white line straight over a dead badger.

Pictures had shown the animal's body lying at the side of the A361 near Frome in Somerset.

It appeared as though the road workers had painted over the badger rather than move it.

A spokeswoman for Somerset County Council, which is responsible for road markings in the county, said the marking job had been given to a private contractor.

She said the council had first been made aware of the pictures by the media, and was now "looking into" the matter.

"It is being investigated at the moment," she said.

The pictures were taken by salesman Chris Crabtree, of Congresbury, Bristol, who noticed the dead badger while out driving.

Mr Crabtree described the pictures as "sad" and said he had passed them to the newspaper because it was the act of a "good citizen".

Story filed: 15:15 Tuesday 10th September 2002

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