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Essex dictionary

alma chizzit - A request to find the cost of an item.

amant - Quantity; sum total

assband - Unable to leave the house because of illness,
disability etc.

awss - A four legged animal, on which money is won, or
more likely lost

branna - More brown than on a previous occasion

cort a panda - A rather large hamburger.

dan in the maff - Unhappy

eye-eels - Women's shoes.

Furrock - The location of Lakeside Shopping Centre.

garrij - A building where a car is kept or repaired

Ibeefa - Balaeric holiday island.

Lafarjik - Lacking in energy

oi oi! - Traditional greeting. Often heard from the
doorway of pubs or during banging dance tunes at clubs.

paipa - The Sun, The Mirror or The Sport.

reband - The period of recovery and emotional turmoil
after rejection by a lover ("I couldn't elp it, I wuz on
the reband from Craig").

Saffend - Essex coastal resort boasting the longest
pleasure pier in the world. The place where the
characters from TV's popular soap opera, Eastenders go on

tan - The city of London, the big smoke.

webbats - Querying the location, something or someone is.

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