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About this site

Who are we?

Jade Cat is a small computer consultancy based in North London. We design and administer Lotus Domino applications for in-house and web use. This is one such application.

What's this about?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

This database started out as a personal repository for those jokes that people keep sending by email. Some are good, some are rude. Most are vaguely amusing (except some from Ben Blaney, but he's incorrigible).

Later, when I was working as part of a larger company, some of my colleagues asked for access and began to contribute jokes directly into the system instead of emailing them to me and leaving me to transfer them from mail to Notes. At this point there was still no concept of 'the interweb' so the whole interface was Lotus Notes based.

Later still, when Domino applications became possible to web-enable, I created a (very basic) web front end that allowed anonymous users to browse the jokes online. The whole thing was very clunky and used framesets and standard Domino view navigation which I always found slightly cumbersome, however at that time I suddenly became very busy and found no time for updates or changes to the system. There were always more projects in the pipeline for which I was getting paid, and this one just sat on the back burner for years.

I had a few ideas that I thought I could try out on it, but these became incorporated into the real-life projects as opposed to this one.

Then recently I was asked to create a web application to allow people to upload image files and view them online, and I decided to use this system as a test bed. Version 3 was the result.

What's it for?

Just jokes.

You can paste a joke from your email into the main body field as plain text, you can upload an image file (they say a picture tells a thousand words), or you can do both, like my favourite

Please note that any joke you submit has to be checked for spam before being made publically available. This is because some toe rag started submitting spamming adverts and porn up on the site. I hate people like that.

You can browse the jokes using various views, or just get hit with a random one. Please be aware that some of these jokes are less than savoury. Some could even be described as 'un'. The random joke engine does not differentiate between joke types or categories. That's what random means.

Who can use it?

Anyone can spend a little time reading or contributing to the system. You don't need to be logged in. You don't have to give us your email address or bank account details.

You are advised that doing any of this during office hours is of course discouraged, and should not be attempted if the boss is in the immediate vicinity.

Jade Cat Ltd.